Tremont Artwalk hosts Malphonia

Cleveland’s longest running artwalk will be the setting for our latest rock-star neutral performance. Set against the until recently affordable neighborhood and soon to burst entertainment bubble on Professor, Malphonia will surely provide a stark contrast to the high rolling, valet-parking, weekend adult playground with their grumpy, un-amplified, centuries spanning repertoire this Friday, August 14, from 6-9PM.

Come down and watch uncomfortable suburbanites try not to make eye contact with the band as they stroll past looking for the latest “eatery” that looks just like a place from another part of the country may have looked at one point in history. Leave early in deadly fear of the sudden rash of car jackings. Squeal in amazement and pity at the people who “actually live here”. 

Note: please don’t talk to the horn player, his mouth is busy. Also, the drum set is NOT a seat, no matter how cute you are. However, comments about how your uncle or grandpa used to play accordion are always welcome.

the oldest commercial structure in Tremont (it’s hard to see because it was torn down last week)

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