Rehearsal diary: 9/07/14

Most notably this evening: beers left over in the cooler from the night before were still cold.
Running through a smattering of songs in anticipation of next weekend’s One World Festival, we stumbled upon a great idea for an upcoming unsanctioned performance.
Stay tuned…



Rehearsal diary 8:31:14

In anticipation of One World Festval™ the ensemble played through a good portion of their repertoire, as well as working on three new pieces. Blue Room, a delightful (and somewhat sardonic) Rodgers & Hart tune, features a novelty-punctuated bridge, as well as singing by Ballroom Johnson.
Other new additions include For All We Know, and the traditionally-inspired Greek song Miserlou.
Also, the concept of time was debated, vis a vis perception, compression, and historical touchstones.