Brunch at CHA 

Spend Sunday afternoon, June 11 at 1PM, with Malphonia at CHA Pizza and Spirits in Battery Park. They’ll have the brunch, we’ll bring the brunch themed tunes, such as Brunch of Alabama, Bye Bye Brunch Bird, I’m in the Mood for Brunch, Brunch from Ipanema, Bloody Mary for Two, Brunch Brunch Dombroski, Habanera Omelette, Java, Roll Out the Bacon, French Toast of Your Mind, and many others! 


CHA Independence Day party

Malphonia had the pleasure of sharing the CHA outdoor stage for the July 3 party. Our principal brassist played one handed and recorded a video selfie with the other. Here’s an excerpt of the perennial favorite “Brazil”

Gramps Before Amps

Fresh off of our Cleveland World Fest gig, where we were charged with no less a task than inaugurating the Scene Busker Stage,™ Malphonia will return to their sometimes summer home of CHA Pizza and Spirits this Wednesday, August 5th. Located in Battery Park, so named for the naturally occurring battery runoff found in the native soil, Malphonia will be sharing the patio with our comrades in music, Duo Decibel System.

Duo Decibel has graciously conceded the order of performance to Malphonia, adhering to the old tradition of “Gramps before Amps.” So join us first up at 6PM for an un-amplified set of trans-century ditties, immediately followed by the Duo of Decibels.

goes to market
goes to eleven

Malphonia Cha Cha

After a multi-holiday hiatus (we counted two Christmases in addition to other minor feasts and secular shindigs) the boys are thawing out their brass, buttons, and tom-toms for a midwinter tour. And since it’s important to start out any endeavor with a hearty breakfast, Malphonia will be holding forth at Cha Spirits and Pizza for this Sunday’s (2/8) Bongo Brunch™. Brunch is served from 11-3, and Malphonia will be there to scramble your eggs.

Rare photograph of Milenko “slapping the skins”